While I find myself listening to more music lately, I did listen to some interesting conversations last week. I prefer a long conversation while listening to a podcast; I think this is what makes the medium unique. Naval (founder of Angellist) is publishing some short recordings lately. Most of them are 5 min long. They […]

Do more

Starting something is always hard. Once you are on your way, it’s easy, most of the time 😉 It’s defiantly better than judging yourself of not doing it in the past. “If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. It’s the hard that makes it great.” — Tom Hanks Doing things consistently is even a bigger challange, […]


For a long time now I’m reading about Asia. The markets, trends, whatever. I found this Finical Times article super interesting and giving a good insight into what is happening here. Since I’m learning more about this part of the world, I’m surprised by how little Europe and America (the west) are covering these kinds of stories. […]


A question I get quite often; Where do you get your inspiration from? Well, I read a lot about all kind of topics. I love spending time in bookshops and go through all variety of magazines and books. Reading about architecture is probably my biggest hobby. One of my goals in life is to design […]