Note to self

The best ideas arrive when you don’t look for them.  After having some meetings yesterday, my afternoon was completely different than initially planned. While arriving home, I knew that I never was able to finish my work for the day. (I was supposed to work on a project)   I decided to sit outside, and […]

Opinions. Jadajajada.

There are a lot of them. In the form of feedback on your work, how much you should sleep, exercise, what you should eat, drink or wear, the list continues… I don’t believe we humans have more opinions then before, but with unlocking your phone you are exposed to the world of opposites. Eat meat! […]

A New Hospice in Amsterdam

Today Hospice Amsterdam Zuid-Oost opened its doors. As I wrote on Dribbble Last week it’s inspiring to see people work super hard to make this a reality. We need more people like this, that don’t give up. People who create real solutions, for real world problems. Most of them aren’t ‘sexy’ as crypto, Ai, or […]

Do more

I made a last-minute decision to fly back to Amsterdam the other week, I’m incredibly busy at the moment and we needed to fix some things. It’s weird, but I like moments where things go wrong. It’s the part where everyone comes to getter, and you are forced to work on a solution, forced to […]


As an entrepreneur I try to be prepared for an uncertain, and often ‘dangerous’ future. If I would have invented the airplane, I would definitely also have designed the parachute. I’m optimistic, but I consider all possibilities, the challenge in all of this is not to worry to much.   It may well rain tomorrow, […]


An unusual, exciting, and possibly dangerous activity, such as a trip or experience, or the excitement produced by such an activity. I don’t see work separated from my personal life. Our pay-off at MOIJ is ‘We design your adventure’ is basically a reminder of how we would like to approach life. How we spend our […]