As an entrepreneur I try to be prepared for an uncertain, and often ‘dangerous’ future. If I would have invented the airplane, I would definitely also have designed the parachute. I’m optimistic, but I consider all possibilities, the challenge in all of this is not to worry to much.   It may well rain tomorrow, […]


An unusual, exciting, and possibly dangerous activity, such as a trip or experience, or the excitement produced by such an activity. I don’t see work separated from my personal life. Our pay-off at MOIJ is ‘We design your adventure’ is basically a reminder of how we would like to approach life. How we spend our […]

Japan is going Remote, and we launched the Beta of Tomeru!

This week Tokyo  began a city wide experiment to reduce overcrowding on public transport in time for the Olympic next summer. Comapanies will encourage employees to work from home: More than 50,000 employees from Fujitsu and more than 10,000 workers from NEC will join the government scheme, which has been trialed on smaller scales since […]


While I find myself listening to more music lately, I did listen to some interesting conversations last week. I prefer a long conversation while listening to a podcast; I think this is what makes the medium unique. Naval (founder of Angellist) is publishing some short recordings lately. Most of them are 5 min long. They […]