Do you ever wonder how you feel?

How we feel has a significant influence on what we do. In the tech bubble, we spend a lot of time talking about AI, flying cars and IPO’s (I prefer IPA’s). We like to talk about the future, about the next BIG revolution that is driven by technology (duh-huh!) Everything needs to become bigger, faster, […]

Why is something easy, hard?

Compound interest is something that fascinates me and is a talent that I focus on to become better at.  The idea is simple; do something every day and it will pay off in the long run. Even with failures or setbacks. This goes for investing, learning a new skill, eating healthy. You name it. In […]

Learn from different worlds.

Yesterday morning I was working at the office of one the clients of MOIJ-LIFE; Hospice. This week I wrote about their launch. I’ve seen this place while it was still an abandoned building. They made huge progress and are ready to welcome the first residents. If this was a tech startup, you would probably read about […]

Note to self

The best ideas arrive when you don’t look for them.  After having some meetings yesterday, my afternoon was completely different than initially planned. While arriving home, I knew that I never was able to finish my work for the day. (I was supposed to work on a project)   I decided to sit outside, and […]

Opinions. Jadajajada.

There are a lot of them. In the form of feedback on your work, how much you should sleep, exercise, what you should eat, drink or wear, the list continues… I don’t believe we humans have more opinions then before, but with unlocking your phone you are exposed to the world of opposites. Eat meat! […]

A New Hospice in Amsterdam

Today Hospice Amsterdam Zuid-Oost opened its doors. As I wrote on Dribbble Last week it’s inspiring to see people work super hard to make this a reality. We need more people like this, that don’t give up. People who create real solutions, for real world problems. Most of them aren’t ‘sexy’ as crypto, Ai, or […]

Do more

I made a last-minute decision to fly back to Amsterdam the other week, I’m incredibly busy at the moment and we needed to fix some things. It’s weird, but I like moments where things go wrong. It’s the part where everyone comes to getter, and you are forced to work on a solution, forced to […]