Is the Great Stagnation over?

Airplanes, a great symbol of innovation. 📸 Early touchdown in Bucharest. (2016)

Over the last couple of months, we learned that extremism is a failed startup. We are tired of the far left and right groups; it’s time for balance.

In a balanced world, there is less noise, we have more time to think. It’s more about sharing ideas than shouting out opinions.

One market that completely changed is the investment world. It’s is experiencing its post spreadsheet moment where new apps like Robinhood (or the Calvinistic Dutch version De Giro) make it easy for everyone to invest. Another great example is Alpaca, a start-up that makes it possible for everyone to build investing tools based on their API.

People like David Portnoy from Barstool Sports and DDTG Global are live streaming while they trade. He represents a new generation of investors who don’t read Bloomberg or care about valuations. This new generation invests in products they own or are familiar with. They live in communities like Stocktwits, Reddit, and TikTok, where they share new ideas to invest in, document their journey, and have a lot of fun while learning new things. They play.

Yesterday I read this story about Squads, a new movement empowered by digital tools. People who bound together for survival or for lols. ‘They will be as important as companies in the years to come’. Squads strive for autonomy, community, equity.

Journalists working for established newspapers quit their jobs and start an independent paid newsletter, which they own and control 100%. People start a podcast, create e-mail based courses, while they grow their audience organically. They don’t focus on creating customers, they focus on creating fans.

I can’t connect the dots right now, but these movements will disrupt everything. Innovation happens when you break things down. And once that scales, the age of stagnation will be over.

This means we might be at the front line of the most innovative decade we ever experienced.

Developing a vaccine for covid in less than a year is already exceptional. Apple released a new M1 chip, which is an insane piece of technology. Crypto is going mainstream, many new IPO’s are lined up, GTP-3, Space X, the rise of electric cars. Things are starting to change fast.

One secret ingredient is missing. We need to ask ourselves one question…

Are we ready to start working together?