The Bell

A digital future, the stock market API, and 2-100 club

The economy is way bigger than I ever thought. This means there are always a lot of opportunities to build new things and invest in great companies.

Optimism for a Digital Future Amid Harsh Economic Realities

Over the years, I already learned a lot from Howard Lindzon and Raoul Pal. In this video, they talk about the digital future and give you some good reasons to be optimistic about this industry’s economic growth.

The Stock Market API.

Everyone can now build their own trading app or tools that help them invest. Build, for example, your own Manually Trading Stocks app Using Postman and the Alpaca API. I need more time in a day!

2-to-100 Club

These are investment strategies I’m a big fan of. Looking for great growth stocks to learn more about trends and where the future is headed, and of course, to make money. They identify stocks as they climb the market-cap ladder from small, to mid, to large, and ultimately to mega-cap status (over $200B). Once they graduate from small-cap and into mid-cap status (over $2B), they enter our radar.

The bell is a series about my investing journey, what the market tells us about the future, trends, and the world. Read here the previous post. I think a lot about the future