A New Future

Make progress visible

I’m getting tired of all the opinions in the media and on the internet. People with the most controversial opinions are getting all the attention.

It’s not only social media but also (e.g) the newspapers who need clicks to generate enough revenue with ads. Opinion-formers spend most of their time finding the most extreme words for their ideas, so they can fight on Twitter all day after publishing their article. Attention fuels the ego. 

We need something new.

Where social media is for opinions, we need something that makes progress visible. 

Take Strava, for example, an app where you can record your exercise. I always feel happy opening the app and seeing that (e.g) my brother went on a 100k bike ride. Strava makes people who choose to be active, improving themselves, visible. It motivates me to go for another run, it motivates me to make progress.

The question I asked myself realizing all of this: How can we visualize the progress of people who build a better future, without the noise? 

That’s something we’ll be working on with A New Future. Ideas? I would love to hear them! 

Have a great week.