Taking it slow

Since the pandemic work, life has been crazy. It’s the uncertainty that brings a lot of pressure on everyone while life is moving on.

The world around us became quiet, so we’re forced to listen to ourselves.

We can’t hold on the future plans, so we are forced to live in the present.

“When you make your identity what you produce, then you’re kind of limiting yourself,” So we look for new habits.

It became clear that trying to look busy without anyone watching is a waste of time, and that empty soundbites in useless meetings is satisfying no one.

It’s about defining the right questions, instead of searching for all the answers.

In times like this, we find out that we are wrong about a lot of things, and that these moments teach us the most.

The people who claim to have have all the answers are the biggest charlatanes.

The waiter running around in a restaurant is always doing the least impactful work. It’s the waiter you don’t notice, who is overseeing everything.

We learned that controlling the future is impossible.

Only in surrender, we find victory. (Jed McKenna)