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Remote work is going mainstream

Last week Jack Dorsey (CEO Twitter) announced that people don’t have to return to the office. No, they are not fired, they will have the freedom to work from anywhere. The other company Jack founded, Square, will also be a remote company from now on

This week some companies you might know made the exact same announcement. Shopify, Coinbase, Facebook, Spotify are now remote companies.

This is also something I hear from my friends, that they are allowed to work from anywhere, most of the time.

Over the last couple of weeks, companies discovered that people can handle freedom and still do their work. In most cases, people are even more efficient with their time.  

Even the big old Wallstreet banks are not going back to the old world. 

Who would have thought, that more freedom/flexibility is always the best choice?

The impact of this transition will be huge if it will last. For the time being, Zoom replaced the airlines, pretty insane:

Will people move out of expensive cities, buy larger homes in the suburbs? Or spend more time upgrading their home offices? Only time will tell.

Co-working spaces, large office buildings will probably change. The business models, in most cases, won’t make any sense anymore.

We will see new ideas in the so-called third places. Yes, the remote work trend will change a lot. The million-dollar question is; What?

But change is unavoidable. Why? Because we work a lot, with the result, we build our life around our work. Now the way we work changes drastically, this will change how we live.

The office was never about work. In the last couple of weeks, we learned that distributed teams are more anti-fragile and that great work can happen without the whiteboard and the pingpong table.

I’m super curious about how things will exactly change. But there is no going back; we can only move forward.

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