Does being bored make us more creative?

Boredom has traditionally been associated with a range of adverse outcomes, both within the workplace and outside of it.

Being bored does not mean that you don’t have anything to do, I mean, did you ever find yourself in a moment that you literally had no options on doing something?

Boredom stems from a situation wherefrom all the possibilities on how you can spend your time, none sounds appealing enough to become active. 

You end up being unhappy. 

Fisher (leading researcher on boredom) has the following definition: an unpleasant, transient state in which the individual feels a pervasive lack of interest in and difficulty concentrating on the current activity, it takes conscious effort to maintain or return attention to that activity.  

Being bored has a lot of impact; for example, it’s one of the most prominent reasons students leave school temporarily or permanently. 

But is being bored always bad? It could also be the case that it’s a shield against concentration, a means to avoid discomfort or new knowledge. 

A benefit of feeling this way is that it might stimulate the production of fantasies or dreams; in a paradoxically way, being bored is a catalyst for action. It shows you what you are doing now, the activity that makes you feel bored, is not the way you want to spend your time. 

Bell agrees with this statement because, according to her, boredom leads to creativity. 

Being bored takes your thought to different places. When you cannot physically escape a boring activity, we tend to focus on our inner thoughts, feelings, and experiences. 

We crave for something else. Something completely different or we think of ideas to achieve the tasks at hand differently, to make it more engaging. 

We start daydreaming, we reexamine the problem, and this can lead to new solutions that are more creative. 

In a study, researchers created an environment where people were asked to do boring, repetitive tasks followed by certain potentials creative assignments to see how being bored relates to creativity. 

It turns out that participants who were bored came up with significant more answers than those who were not. They also found out that those who daydreamed during boring activity were more creative. 

So next time you feel bored, or you find yourself daydreaming, see it as a sign, a perfect moment to create something new. 

 A big change that it will be super creative!

Oh, and if this article made you feel bored, great! Now make something EPIC.

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