Do you ever wonder how you feel?

How we feel has a significant influence on what we do.

In the tech bubble, we spend a lot of time talking about AI, flying cars and IPO’s (I prefer IPA’s).

We like to talk about the future, about the next BIG revolution that is driven by technology (duh-huh!)

Everything needs to become bigger, faster, stronger.

The engineers, hoodies, they all focus on how we can build a ‘better’ future driven by tech. Living 90 years is not enough; please build something so that we can upload our brains!

We talk about the ‘Future of Work’ and are building remote teams.

Some people keep talking about why this is good for the environment because you don’t have to commute. Others fly to Bali, to Instagram.

We’re working from coffee shops all day and order just one cup of coffee. Not just a regular coffee, but a làtelalé caramel frapèrdidosio.

We work from home and never leave the house again.

We notwork from the Ponzi schemes WeWork, or we choose to support local co-working space (because, yeah I’m ‘I hate big corporations guy!!)

We have time to focus on our work-life balance, or can finally pick up that new hobby because working remotely gives you more control over your time.

We hate sitting in the same office all day, attending meetings that could have been an email.

We want to spend more time with our family.

There are many reasons to try out remote working. There are many reasons not to do it.

But one thing is for sure.

We are all different.

What you do during the day, the decisions you make, the way you respond to your next email.

It depends on how you feel.

Being aware of your emotions is essential, not to conclude if its good or bad, because whatever it is, it’s ok, just merely noticing how you feel is already the solution on what you do next.

We all have shitty and good days.

The truth, being aware of how you and your co-workers are doing, is the key to work in a pleasant environment.

Not the office party. 

That’s why we build


(ktssssss, now opening that IPA!)


yes, this can be a joke. or not. who knows!