Anti goals – How to design your day

Summer is over, and it’s time for the last sprint of the year.

While working on this plan, I revisited a concept that I used before. To think about my ‘Anti goals’. A concept to design your perfect day, by focusing on what you hate.

The idea of anti goals is simple. Imagine how your worst possible day will look like. Re-engineer this concept and create a list on how to avoid this to happen. 

I learned about this concept via Andrew Wilkinson. He got the idea based on a quote of Charlie Munger:  

 “tell me where I’m going to die, so I’ll never go there.”

What is the place I don’t want to go? How does my worst possible day look like, well something like this: 

1. To be in a specific place, at a specific time 

2. Having a lot of meetings

3. Being tired

4. Not being in control / not able to make decisions (fast)

5. Working with negative people 

6. Having multiple ‘open problems’ 

Let’s see how to avoid this…

1. Having the freedom to work from anywhere. 

2. Don’t plan a meeting if it can be a phone call, don’t plan a phone call when it can be an email. 

3. Exercise daily. 

4. Communicate well, not depend on shareholders or one/two specific clients. (aka not able to fire them)

5. Avoid negative people. 

6. Never end the day, without setting a solution in motion. 

Done! My framework for a productive and happy day. And of course, some days are entirely different, that’s life, but it helps me to escape the rut of the day and focus on things that are important to me.