Learn from different worlds.

Yesterday morning I was working at the office of one the clients of MOIJ-LIFE; Hospice. This week I wrote about their launch.

I’ve seen this place while it was still an abandoned building. They made huge progress and are ready to welcome the first residents.

If this was a tech startup, you would probably read about how they build their MVP on medium, their growth hack strategy and asking upvotes for Producthunt.

But that isn’t happening, they are just focussing on welcoming the first residents and growing the team. Oh, and their numbers are mind-blowing, for example; they already have 60 volunteers, staff of 5 people and network of 4 doctors, and work together with the biggest Hospital in Amsterdam.

For me personally, it’s refreshing to be outside the tech world. But ‘this world’ could definitely learn from tech startups, and vice versa.

That’s what I love most about projects like this, that you can learn so much from different worlds.

Millennials could learn from the older generation, and the older generation should learn things from us.

The same is true for cultures, left/right people.. you name it.

Be open-minded, seek discomfort to step outside your bubble.

Try to understand others point of view, without judgment.

So many obstacles will be solved if we just simply learn from others.

Some food for thought.

oh, and if you are interested in what we do and the story of Hospice, we write about this (in Dutch) on our blog. We just published the first post: Het laatste Huis