Do more

I made a last-minute decision to fly back to Amsterdam the other week, I’m incredibly busy at the moment and we needed to fix some things.

It’s weird, but I like moments where things go wrong.

It’s the part where everyone comes to getter, and you are forced to work on a solution, forced to make decisions. I’m super focussed in moments like this, nothing else matters.

Being busy seems to be a bad thing lately. I don’t get that. The journey of working hard to achieve something gives me great pleasure.

As Seth Godin describes in his blog post:

The busy person has a bias for action, the ability to ship, and a willingness to contribute more than is required.

And if you are willing to do more, it doesn’t mean you can’t be quite. In the end, I believe work should feel like play. Then you are able to stop sacrificing today for an imaginary tomorrow.

It’s not easy, that’s why I do more.

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