When we lose we have the opportunity to win

This morning started with a great run

Running for me is great escape, a habit to stay balanced. Building a company is hard, because you experience a lot of failures.

As Fred Wilson shared in his newsletter:

You take a lot of losses as a founder, particularly in the early days. Investors pass on your funding pitches, people pass on your job offers, customers pass on your sales efforts, competitors take your customers and your employees, you get sued, you miss critical ship dates, morale tanks, and on and on and on.

His point: But inside of each of those losing moments is the opportunity to turn it into a win. He is right.

Running and building a business is for me about the same thing, it’s about compound interest. Even when you lose, when shit hits the fan, you have to show up and keep doing the work. Running everyday, even when it hurts, not going well, makes you stronger. It’s better then the alternative, not running.

It never gets easier, but like running I enjoy the process more then the end result. Stay optimistic at all times.



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