Figma is the best design tool for remote teams

After a very warm week in Torino I’m back in Milano. I was fortunate enough to call this my office.

Airbnb Milano

Last week sketch launched a new update, it seems pretty solid. But I’m not switching back. I love Figma.

It’s super easy to make a prototype, and since it’s available in the browser it’s super easy to share it with colleagues and clients.

Its also super fast. I’m mean, really fast.
Like Craig Mod describes in his article, fast products are fun to use:

Software that’s speedy usually means it’s focused. Like a good tool, it often means that it’s simple, but that’s not necessarily true. Speed in software is probably the most valuable, least valued asset. To me, speedy software is the difference between an application smoothly integrating into your life, and one called upon with great reluctance. Fastness in software is like great margins in a book — makes you smile without necessarily knowing why.

While building tomeru I’m sharing more about the future of work on Twitter.

The thing I love most about the remote work trend, is that we are asking ourselves: where do I work most productive, and can have great life, be happy.

Instead of just one option, an office with a ping pong table.

With trends like this people often end up in a discussion on what is best, but there is not one right answer.

It’s should be about you.

What’s best for you?

Have a great week.


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