Japan is going Remote, and we launched the Beta of Tomeru!

This week Tokyo  began a city wide experiment to reduce overcrowding on public transport in time for the Olympic next summer. Comapanies will encourage employees to work from home:

More than 50,000 employees from Fujitsu and more than 10,000 workers from NEC will join the government scheme, which has been trialed on smaller scales since 2017. Ricoh will close its headquarters to allow 2,000 employees to work remotely.

For most of the world, this isn’t super new. For Japan, this is different. Japan is traditional, and that the ‘old fashioned’ companies are catching up, is pretty cool.

Other exciting news this week, we launched the beta of!
I’m pretty excited about this. For those of you don’t know; Tomeru is a tool to relate more to your remote team members, on the MOIJ blog, I explain more:

While working remote we all experienced moments when you are in a different mindset then your team members are, for example, you were working on bugs for the whole day, and the other person is just starting.

You feel maybe a bit tired, stressed even? You colleague, super fit and full of energy.

And that’s fine.

But while working remote, you are not always aware of this.

For our team it’s working great, and I’m curious if it will benefit other people as well.

One thing we started doing this month is to evaluate each week. On every monday we discuss what’s been done (we did this already), but we also talk about how we felt.

This makes everyone more self-aware, and in some cases people already point out to things in the future; how certain events can influence their state of mind, so we are able to discuss how we can prepare for these situations.

During the beta period you can use the product for free. 

If you have any questions, let me know!


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