While I find myself listening to more music lately, I did listen to some interesting conversations last week.

I prefer a long conversation while listening to a podcast; I think this is what makes the medium unique. Naval (founder of Angellist) is publishing some short recordings lately. Most of them are 5 min long. They are mostly about wealth creation, but you will find some great quote’s in the talks he has given, the one that’s on my mind is; impatience with action, patients with results. An excellent philosophy for life.

You can find al his podcast on his blog

I’m a big fan of Farnam street. Shane Parrish, the founder of Fs, is also a host of a great podcast. He interviewed Naval once, in my opinion the best podcast ever made.

Shane Parrish was now guest on Making Sense podcast where Sam Harris and Shane talked about mental models.

Currently, I’m in Singapore, and if you read my previous post, you know that I get a lot of inspiration from architecture. This city has a lot of great buildings and has a great food culture and attention to detail. It was an inspirational week:

In general, in Asia, there are some great projects. While doing some research, I stumbled on this project designed by Architecture firm based in Singapore.

China Fuzhou Jin Niu Shan Trans-Urban Connector / LOOK Architects

The combination of modern design and natures is just epic. I went on some trail runs last week were I saw some similar constructions.

have an epic week!

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