For a long time now I’m reading about Asia. The markets, trends, whatever. I found this Finical Times article super interesting and giving a good insight into what is happening here.

Since I’m learning more about this part of the world, I’m surprised by how little Europe and America (the west) are covering these kinds of stories.

If you are interested in this ‘new world’ (and you should), I can highly recommend The new silk roads by Peter Frankopan.


AIl Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order by Kai-Fu Lee

Being aware of the future is essential, certainly if you are running a business. It is as vital of being aware of our own ‘monkey mind’ and struggles we encounter in life.

My never-ending goal in all of this is to be more present.

Building tools that help to live in the moment is a true adventure.

My time in Asia comes to an end, for now. One week left here in Singapore.

Let’s end with a great tweet from Naval. Couldn’t agree more.

Have a great day.

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